Transport options for Ireland Tours

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What transport will I use on my tour?

There are lots of options for transport on your tour although Ireland is slighty more limited than the UK due to the rail network being less developed than in the UK. On your tour you may wish to use a single form of transport such as a hire car throughout or you may wish to ‘mix and match’ according to the most suitable transport for the area you are in.

For example, arriving in Dublin it is an easy sit to navigate on foot or using a city sightseeing hop on hop off bus pass. You may wish to spend a few days here doing this before hiring a car to move further south where the public transport networks are less developed. On the other hand you could take a train between destinations and then do daytrips out of those towns. Unlike Britain, many smaller towns in Ireland still operate day trips to see the local area on a guided minibus tour and this is a great way to see lots of Ireland if you’re not comfortable driving yourself. Towns and cities in Ireland are on the whole far smaller than in Britain so most can be easily navigated on foot or with a taxi if your hotel is a little out of town.

At Great Irish Trips we can provide you with the best value flexible rail travel, coach transport and coach based day tours from many Ireland locations. We also offer Self-drive car hire and GPS with flexible drop off points, private driver guided tours, guided walking tours and airport transfers. We work with dozens of approved transport operators, guides and companies right across Ireland so you really don't need to worry about the transport. If you choose the places you would like to visit and tell us whether you’re willing to drive or not, we will work out how best to do that!

Self-Drive Tours in Ireland

If you would like total flexibility on your holiday without having to think about the time, a self-drive tour could be just what yoou need. We will arrange a suitable car (manual or automatic) at the size you need and arrange for you to collect it at a suitable point in your itinerary. We’ll arrange your accommodation each night so you can choose where you would like to visit in the day.

Rail based tours in Ireland

Trains are a great way to travel in the UK but require a little extra planning in Ireland. Whilst it’s perfectly possible to take a rail based tour in Ireland, most of the trains come out of Dublin so to travel to your next destination you often need to travel back to Dublin, change trains and travel on to the next destination so although possible, it may take up a little extra time. There are however options. If you’re visiting a number of destinations which are close by to one-another, you may wish to take a bus between those locations or take a day tour out of the main town you are staying in. If you are visiting Britain as well as Ireland, we highly recommend using the train in England and Scotland.

Private and Coach based Guided Tours

As the time on your holiday is limited, day tours are a fabulous way of fitting lots in and fortunately something that Ireland has in abundance. Joining other passengers on a mini-bus tour of a region allows you to see lots of the country in one go, meet with other people and of course learn the local history from your guide at the same time. Depending on the destinations you have chosen, we may well include one or more day tour on your itinerary if you’re not on a self-drive holiday.

Why not try a driver guided tour?

If taking a minicoach with other people isn’t your thing, why not stretch your budget to include a driver guided tour? This can last anything from half day to the entire tour. Our local experts will collect you and take you well off the beaten track to the places you really want to see and the places you would want to see if you’d known they were there! You will receive guided knowledge and really bring the history to life. This is particularly interesting if you have some heritage in the area and know that it’s where your forefathers once hailed from.

Tours using combined transport solutions

More often than not, our tours use a combination of transport solutions depending on the places you visit. This is easily arranged and often the best way to see everything you’re hoping to see and maximise your time in Ireland. Unless you state otherwise, we will always work hard to find the very best solutions for you!
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