Self-Guided Tours in Ireland and Northern Ireland

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What is a Self-Guided Tour anyway?

If you’ve spent some time looking around our website you may well find yourself asking a few questions about self-guided tours, what that means and is it really for you? If you’re a little confused, here are some facts about our self-guided tours.
  • ‘Self-guided’ means that you don’t have a Tour Leader and you’re not with a group
  • You are able to visit the places you want to go and do the things you want to do
  • On our self-guided tours, we may still include guided tours of certain places
  • You will receive an information pack with a detailed itinerary and everything you need. This means that you don’t need to plan, research or book anything before you go, it’s all done for you down to every last detail (including for example instructions and a map of how to get from the train station to your hotel or if it’s too far to walk, a local taxi number)
  • If there are any problems or complications, you may contact our office or the emergency number given for out of hours so you’re never alone
  • Our train tickets are usually fully flexible so if you want to leave a place earlier or later, you’re free to do so.
At this point you may be wondering why after receiving your itinerary and quotation you should book with us instead of arranging the tour yourself, well the answer to this is simple, it’s all about the Information Pack!  

All of our customers are given not just a personal Tour Organiser who will guide you through the whole process and answer every question that you may have, but you will have the information pack right there. Every pack is individually tailored to your requirements and you will be emailed a PDF copy well before you travel and you will receive your hard copy (which also contains any tickets that are not emailable) at the airport or your first hotel. So what’s in your pack?

What's in a Great IrishTrips Information Pack?

Your Itinerary and Ireland Information
Your pack contains a detailed step by step version of your itinerary. It leaves out no detail and includes timings, addresses, timetables, personalised maps, special local information and just about anything else we think you may need. It also contains general information about Ireland and helpful telephone numbers.
Hotel Information and Vouchers
Each place you are staying will have a voucher to hand in on check in (the hotels are all pre-paid by us), all the check-in information and a hotel information sheet which contains all you need to know about the accommodation itself. Your pack also contains all vouchers and tickets that you’ve booked through us including transport vouchers and information. We also include a mobile phone SIM card to provide you with reasonable rate international calls.
Destination Guides
Time and again we hear from our customers that they wern’t expecting the pack and destination guides to be quite as good as they are! For each destination that you’re visiting we supply you with a local guide (that we have created ourselves). This contains a brief history of the town or city, a guide to all local attractions (broken into categegories from ‘Essential’ to ‘spare time’), recommended restaurants, Emergency information, local transport info and maps. For a sample of one of our UK guides click here.



As you see we are far more than a simple booking service. We do all the research so you don’t have to worry about a thing. And if you have any questions along the way, you know who to ask!
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