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What will my accommodation be like?

As a totally flexible tour company, your accommodation will be exactly what you need it to be. Our customers vary greatly and while some are about a relaxing break and want a top quality spa hotel by a remote Scottish Loch, others are all about the attractions and a comfortable 3* hotel will do. Whatever you’re looking for, we always make sure the basics are covered – that is you will always have a clean and comfortable room, a private bathroom and a good breakfast.

We can and often do mix and match your stay. That is you may want a budget 3* stay with a couple of nights of luxury thrown in on a special occasion. Sometimes we have such good rates with 4* hotels that we’re able to provide these for you for a better price than a 3*. In these instances, we will always upgrade you without a premium and pass on the saving!

We offer 3 levels of accommodation as standard:

Comfort - Average 3*

Comfort level is the lowest standard of accommodation we offer. It’s always clean and comfortable but without too many frills and extras. Breakfast should always be included and Wi-Fi should be available. Sports and health facilities are possible but not as standard.

Luxury - 4*

Our Luxury level is for those who wish to travel in style, but not quite bust the budget with an all out no expense spared tour. Our Luxury Hotels normally include top restaurants, health and sports facilities and of course all the amenities you would expect from an English 4* Hotel.

Luxury Plus - 4-5*

This option is reserved for those who are all about the experience and not restrained by a tight budget. In this option we include first class travel as well as hotels. We always select 5* hotels unless there are none available where you are travelling in which case we select an excellent 4*.

On our quote and itinerary to you, we will include the name of the hotels we’ve selected so you can feel free to look them up and let us know if you’re unhappy and wish to switch to another hotel for some reason.

Accommodation providers
If you are an accommodation provider and would like to discuss the possibility of working with us, please use the contact us page for further information.
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