Who are Great Irish Trips?

aboutusGreat Irish Trips is the second company under the United Kingdom based Great Trips Ltd Tour Operator umbrella organisation. The sister company, Great British Trips was founded several years ago by two British people who loved travelling and had a desire to help visitors to the UK make the most of their holiday by seeing only the things they wanted to see.

Around the globe travellers and visitors to the UK informed the founders of Great British Trips that planning a first time holiday to a foreign country was time consuming and difficult – even in the age of the internet. Your choices for a trip to the UK was either a group tour with a pre-planned itinerary and dates or to plan all the individual elements yourself. Many people are forced to choose a group tour and end up missing some of the places they really want to see because of the time involved and the risk factor in planning your own trip.

It was suggested that visiting overseas countries is much easier if a local expert with all the knowledge and resources at their fingertips could simply do it for you. It would have all the freedom of a private holiday with the security of knowing your trip had been completely taken care of by a Tour Operator who are on the end of the phone in case of an emergency. It was this model that Great Trips Ltd created on and created. Though initially set up as a small family business, the overwhelming success and hunger for the service took everyone by surprise and the business quickly grew from Great British Trips to include Great Irish Trips.

deskAlthough there are some small companies around who are able to plan and book an itinerary for families and independent travellers, this private service comes with a premium price tag. Unlike those companies, the number of customers and unique booking systems we have in place enable us to provide a top quality, unique and professional service at little more and often less than you would pay if you were to book all the individual elements yourself.

Since Great Trips was launched our growing team works around the clock searching out not only the best known and most visited attractions but also the hidden gems that you just wouldn’t know about without us. On your behalf we have squeezed suppliers for the greatest deals possible, reviewed hotels, planned out all possible routes, compiled timetables, compared prices, measured distances and done every last thing we can think of to make sure that your trip to Ireland will be one of the most memorable places you have ever been – truly, the trip of a lifetime.
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