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Plan your Tour with Great Irish Trips

If you're planning to visit Ireland and don't want to spend the whole trip sat on a coach with strangers then a Great Irish Trip could be just for you. Planning your tour is easy. By following the simple steps below, you can choose your own destinations, your own dates and tailor every detail around you. Simply let us know where and when you want to go and leave the rest to us.

Where to begin?

Step 1: Select your destinations
One of the best things about working with Great Irish Trips is the ability to choose all of your own destinations. This feature enables travellers to spend as much time as they like in the places they actually want to go without having to waste any time at the places they're not interested in. Our destination pages cover the whole of Ireland and Northern Ireland plus over 60 UK destinations through our partner company if you would like to go there as well! Simply have a look at our destination pages and when you see a place that you would like to visit, click the 'Add to Itinerary' button.

>> You can view destinations in a specific region by starting at our Regional Pages

>> You can use the signposts at the bottom of the page to ensure you see every possible destination. Begin with Dublin
Step 2: Add in your extras
We have lots of itinerary extras which can be added to your destination list and included with your tour. The extras available for Ireland are growing all the time but at the moment include walking tours, day trips and sightseeing buses as well as the popular Dublin Pass. Have a look at these tickets by visiting the page below.

>> See our itinerary extras

Step 3: Submit your itinerary
Once your ideal tour has been created, it's time to send it over to our team of experts to put together an itinerary and price for your group. Simply go to 'My Itinerary' and check that everything you want to see, do and visit is there. Next, complete the form with as much detail as you can and if there is anything missing or additional information needed, this is your chance to let us know in the other information box then send your itinerary to us!

During the next few days our team will put together an itinerary based on your requirements, entirely free of charge, no obligation quote and send it back to you with a quoted price. If you like what you see, you can ammend it and make changes until you and your group are happy with everything. We take a 20% deposit to secure the booking. Before you travel you will receive your detailed tour pack which contains maps, vouchers, timetables, destination guides and an in-depth itinerary. More information.

Other useful information

As a Tour Operator, we're able to work with the hotels that our customers like and build relationships on your behalf. This allows us to make great savings at the best hotels and pass those savings on to our customers. This way we know that you are getting the best hotels at the best prices. We choose the accommodation to suit the standard and style that you request as well as with the correct rooming requirements. We include breakfast as standard and when we send over your itinerary, we let you know which hotel we've quoted on so that you can check it out and make sure your group are happy there. We want you to be as happy as possible with your tour and will work with you until every detail is to your liking. For more information on accommodation please click here.

minibusTransport options vary and we can provide everything from public transport to vehicle hire to a private driver. The transport options will again be tailored to your requirements and destinations. Using our local knowledge we know where the local transport is easy to use and work with day trip companies in the areas where a day tour in the area is the best way to see all you've asked for. More information

Self-Guided and Guided Tours
As standard we offer a 'self-guided' tour which means you will be unaccompanied but will have a detailed information pack containing all you need to follow as you take your tour. In addition, you will have access to a 24 hour emergency telephone number for Great Irish Trips in case there is a emergency that you need us for out of hours. For more information on the information pack click here.
If you would like a Tour Leader* or guide* for some or all of the tour please mention this when submitting your itinerary, we are also able to provide these for you if required.

* A 'Tour Leader' will lead the group practically where a 'Guide' holds a professional qualification on the history of the destinations

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