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For questions about Ireland itself, go to our About Ireland page. Below are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. For anything else please get in touch!  

1. What happens if I need to cancel?
Our terms and conditions are available upon request or can be downloaded here. When making a booking a 20% non-refundable deposit is required but for cancellations it depends when you cancel. If you’re not able to take your holiday on the booked dates, we will work hard to move the trip to more convenient dates at minimal extra cost to you. Although we have strict terms and conditions, are customer is priority and we work with you find solutions with the minimal financial implications to yourself. We also require all customers to take out full travel insurance at the time of booking.

2. Who books my flights or travel to Ireland?
Great Irish Trips do not deal with flights, just the land based elements of your tour which begins and ends at the Irish airport. If you are combining your tour with a Great British Trip we’re able to include travel between these countries. We’re happy to point you in the direction of (in our opinion) the best flight search engines or you can use a local travel agency.  

3. Which airport should I fly to?
It depends where you wish to travel to. Heathrow airport in London is one of the largest in the world and we can arrange travel from here to Ireland. Alternatively you may choose to fly into Dublin, Belfast or another international UK airport. If you’re unsure which is most suitable, please ask us.  

4. Do I have to use public transport?
No. In fact in Ireland it’s often easier to travel around using a hire car or private driver. The trains and coaches are available but limited. If you are also visiting the UK you may wish to use public transport to travel between and around cities as it’s often much easier and cheaper.  

5. Can I amend my booking?
Yes your booking can be amended at any time but please be aware that if you’re changing an existing element there will likely be a cost implication.  

6. What if I only want you to book some of my trip?
Our tours are totally flexible. We’re able to book as many or as few of the elements as you wish which means if you plan to spend a couple of nights with friends during the trip this is no problem, you just need to let us know during the planning stage.  

7.  Do I need insurance?
Yes, we require all passengers to have their own full travel insurance. Whilst we are insured as a company for certain things including financial protection (see below), if you were to require urgent medical care, lost your baggage or had some other emergency whilst here, you would require insurance to cover these costs for you.

8. What guarantees do I have when I book?
Great Irish Trips is a trading name of Great Trips Ltd, a Tour Operator legally registered in England and Wales. As a result of an EC Directive, since 1993 all UK tour operators offering package holidays (including ourselves) have been subject to the Package Travel Regulations. The regulations provide financial protection for prepayments and as a result we are required to have cover in place in the unlikely event that Great Trips were to cease trading. As a company we have a Trust account in place which holds all monies paid to us until after the tour is complete.

9. What level of comfort will my trip be?
On the ‘My Itinerary’ form we ask what level of comfort you wish to travel at. We use accommodation that ranges from 3* to 5* hotels. All our accommodation providers are researched, tried and tested and we’re satisfied that you will be more than happy with the quality of hotel chosen. Although the star rating gives a good guide, our flexibility allows us to offer you a mix of accommodation if you preferred and often we have rates with 4* hotels that are more favourable than a 3* hotel. If this is the case we will place you in the better hotel at the lower rate.  

10. What if I want to stay at a specific hotel I stayed at before?
Of course. We’re fully flexible and you can specify any trip elements that you wish. If it is not a hotel we work with regularly the rates may be slightly higher than the hotel we have suggested.  

11. Will I find a better deal elsewhere?
We are the only people who allow you to research your tour on our site, build your itinerary, receive a free detailed itinerary and price and provide a complete booking service in Ireland. Our tours are built around you and therefore unique so our prices cannot be compared accurately to other tours and tour operators. Despite our tailor made service, we don’t charge tailor made prices. Our tours are only a little more than if you were to book the individual elements yourself and often even cheaper!

12. How soon do I need to book?
You may book whenever you choose but the more in advance you book the better prices you are likely to receive. Flights will also be cheaper and if you delay booking, you may lose the hotels quoted and alternatives could be more expensive.  

13. When do I pay?
A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking. We require full payment 60 days before the start of the tour. Payments can be made via credit card, international transfer and cheque.  

14. Do I need to pay for anything extra?
Your itinerary will make it clear exactly what is included in your tour. Anything not mentioned will be extra. We usually include breakfast in our tours but will state if room only. Transport other than that mentioned will be extra as well as fuel, tips, meals and transport to the UK.   

15. What are your booking Terms and Conditions?
A copy of our Terms and Conditions can be found by clicking here.  


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