Ireland Regions - Ulster
The Irish province of Ulster comprises Northern Ireland (par t of the United Kingdom) with County Donegal (Republic of Ireland). It’s sits up at the north of the island and is just as spectacular as the rest of southern Ireland.

Ulster’s rich and complex history takes us right up to the modern day and cities such as Derry (Londonderry) serve as a fascinating reminder of the conflicting feelings about this region of the Isle. From the Northern mythical coast to the Mourne Mountains (Narnia) and back to the cosmopolitan city of Belfast, Ulster has something for everyone.
Carrick e Rede

Beauty to behold

This part of the Emerald Isle will truly inspire and take your breathe away as you wander across the terrifying Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, jump across the basalt giant’s columns and marvel at the mountains, rolling hills and mighty Atlantic Ocean. There is a whole wealth of in-land and coastal beauty here with incredible rock formations, stunning caves to explore and golden sandy beaches to relax and enjoy this unique island.
ring of Kerry

A tale of two cities

Belfast is Northern Ireland’s capital city and as you would expect has an incredible number of modern, historical and cultural sites to satisfy all visitors. As the birthplace of the Titanic, the incredible new Titanic Experience allows you to relive the height of the cities Industrial era and the cities heritage can be seen at the Ulster Museum amongst others.

Derry (also known as Londonderry) is known as the walled city and is one of the finest examples of a walled city in Europe. It has a very different feel to all other Irish cities and is therefore well worth a visit but like Belfast, the city takes great pride in its literary and musical heritage and works hard to keep a vibrant cultural experience at the top of its attractions.

Great for culture

Pubs play a central role in the way the Irish culture is displayed and is a great insight into the cultural, social and musical lives of the Irish folk. Pubs are a place to chat, set the world to rights, discuss global politics, the meaning of life and of course enjoy a wee pint of Guiness or two! The Irish culture has taken thousands of years to develop and it’s unique, fun and very special so cherish every moment of your cultural discovery!
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