Ireland Regions - Munster
Munster, situated in the South, is Ireland’s largest province and home to some of the country’s most breathtaking scenery. This is a land of extremes, from rich rolling fields, brooding, isolated mountains to wild seascapes and craggy shorelines. Apart from the large towns of Cork, Waterford and Limerick, in the 19th century Munster was still a predominantly rural region which explains why it has some of Ireland's softest and greenest countryside which makes it the most lush province of Ireland. So if you want to enjoy great coastal tour routes and well marked walking trails across the lowlands or higher mountain passes, picturesque historic places or heritage towns from the rolling hills of County Clare to beautiful coastline of West Cork, your trip in Ireland must include this wonderful part of the country!

A region of diversity

From beautiful caverns like Mitchelstown Cave or Aillwee Cave, bridged chasms, to waterfalls including the famous Torc Waterfall, and to dramatic rugged coastline, Munster is a province full of diversity. Above all, the coastal trail of the Ring of Kerry provides an amazing insight into the ancient heritage of Ireland. Munster doesn’t fail to offer a great array of landscapes full of history and myths! Simply let the road guide you from the modern city of Cork or towns such as Killarney or Tralee to the quieter towns of West Cork or the Dingle Peninsula. Wherever you go you will find welcoming places to stay where the food is delicious and made from the best of local produce. Spend some time in Munster and take the time to savour the variety and subtlety of the South West!
ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry

Driving along the Ring of Kerry is the best way to visit some of the best places of interest of the region. This circular route is undoubtedly one of Ireland’s most scenic drives; it is a trail of about 180 kilometres with dramatic scenery, coastlines, colourful towns and villages as well as ancient archaeological remains.

Cork City, Ireland’s second city

The port City of Cork, distinguished by its skyline of spires and limestone buildings, is both capital city of the County of Cork and the province of Munster. With its strong sense of tradition, alongside its flourishing cultural scene, it’s no wonder why it is often referred by locals as “the real capital of Ireland”. Nestled along the banks of the River Lee, Cork city boasts a stunning natural harbour and indeed one of Ireland's most important and historical seaports. Steep streets wind away from the water’s edge, creating a city of great charm and character.
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